Monday, September 28, 2015

Making Music into a Melody

The art of making music is what makes my world go upside down. Every music that I hear gives a perfect tune in my ear. Music becomes my obsession in life that I tend to be inspired and be at my best simply by listening to it.

Both my parents belonged to a rock band during their younger years. They usually do a lot of local concerts in our town. Their band was really popular back then and they were labeled as the rock star couple. I believe that I inherited my passion for music from them. I remember when I was still young and we have visitors coming by, I would always practice my solo music so I can perform perfectly in front of the guests.

Living the life of music is what I dream of every single day. I envision myself to have a music shop of my own and continue composing music with lyrics. I started establishing myself as a freelance music composer and that is when I finally realized that I have a unique and special talent in arts and music.

As I was passing by my favorite music store, I bumped into an old friend who noticed how my physical outlook changed. She was able to observe how I gained weight and how it really change my overall appearance. I was not really into fashion ever since I was a kid and my weight did not bother me at all.

But when my friend talks about her life experience when she weight just like me, it was really devastating and I don’t want to experience the same. She mentioned how she totally change her diet and manage to do daily exercise. She even found a cocktail reciepe book that showed her how to mix drinks with low to zero calories. Trust me when I saw this was a huge hit and was passed around to everyone I knew!

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