Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to Get Rid of Man Breasts Fast

There are two reasons men grow breast.

The first reason is due to your body fat percentage being high, causing a build up of fatty tissue anywhere on your body. In this case… your breast.

The second reason is hormones… I know, who thought hormones would effect a mans breast size!

Basically your body starts producing less testosterone and more estrogen… which is the same hormone a female produces that makes them a female.

Now that you know what causes manboobs, lets go over the options you do have on Amazon and where to buy Gynectrol if you still feel it's your best option and where to find it.

Unfortunately, you can't choose where your body is going to shed fat. So the best way to lose man boobs is to reduce your fat overall. They are two reasons men end up having to figure out how to loose man boobs.

The first reason comes from not maintaining your diet and not exercising, causing you to be overweight.  As I said before, who has time to track calories and go to the gym…

The second reason is due to a medical condition. The condition is called gynecomastia, a hormonal condition in which your body produces an increased amount of estrogen & a decreased amount of testosterone.

This condition has often been the result of taking different medications that influenced your body's hormonal levels.

Whether you have male breast from not dieting & exercising or from a medical condition, you have two treatment options.

Your first and most obvious option is to look at your shirt size. If you are looking for an immediate solution, then adjust the size of your shirts to accommodate your body type.

The worst thing any person can do, whether you're male or female, is to wear clothes that don't fit you.

To be honest, and without sounding silly, I didn't realize how tight my clothes had gotten. Specifically my upper body…

So my quick but temporary solution, since I can't afford an entire new wardrobe and want to lose weight anyway, was to buy a few larger shirts that were more accommodating to my body type.

I know many people throw the word around, Moobs, but on a serious level what are they. Are they really male breast?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are. It's a buildup of excess tissue, specifically fatty tissue, around the area of your breast as well as behind your nipple.

You may have heard of gynecomastia, but the chances of that being the reason you developed man boobs is slim to none.

The majority of men dealing with this issue automatically assume that they need to figure out how to get rid of man boobs fast.

Being diagnosed with this condition is not only rare, but a condition you seriously don't want. If you are diagnosed with this condition your body is basically producing the female sex hormone, estrogen, instead of the male sex hormone, testosterone.


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Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Get Rid of Man Breasts Fast!

Find Out the Best Way to Get Rid of Man Boobs!

If it the reason you have enlarged male breasts is because you're slightly overweight, pretty overweight, or obese… then you have a few options to consider. Your first option, ant the most obvious option, is to adjust your diet and exercise. You don't need to go throw away your entire pantry, or run to the closest gym and sign a contract. All you need to really do is watch what you eat. Reduce the amount of soda and sugar you intake on daily basis, and try to be a little bit more active each day. You can run in place for 10 minutes or do some jumping jacks. Even if only a few minutes a little bit activity is better than no activity. Lifting upper body weights will also significantly shape your breast to give you a more toned male breast shape. Your second option would be surgery, but again that's only if your diagnosed by a doctor with gynecomastia. No doctor can legally perform this procedure without the right diagnosis. Your third option is to try herbal remedies. Natural herbal ingredients would include flaxseed oil or green tea extract. Both of these will increase your energy and burn fatty tissue.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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